Volkswagen Service & Repairs– TRUST THE EXPERTS

Volkswagen Service & Repairs– Trust the Experts

Reliable Service at Affordable Rates

Cars and More Orlando is your go-to local Volkswagen repair shop in Orlando. Our technicians are specialists in Volkswagen service and repair, and know the vehicle in and out. They have the right training and skills to not only provide flawless service, but also on time and in budget. We understand the heavy cost of maintaining a luxury car like Volkswagen. We strive to lower that burden on you by providing quality solutions at affordable rates.

We help you enjoy the luxury of a Volkswagen by maintaining it to the highest standards. Whether your car needs an oil change or needs scheduled maintenance, Cars and More can provide everything that is necessary to keep the car running smoothly. We take great pride in serving our customers with world-class services to provide 100% performance guarantee.

When you reach out to us, we ensure that all your concerns regarding the car are heard and addressed by our experts. Besides helping you with the existing and identifiable problems, we also help you identify hidden issues with the car, if any, using our advanced diagnostic tools. Our Volkswagen services are provided using genuine spare parts only.

Our prices are lower than what is available at other repairers and dealers. This is so because we believe in playing fair, and charging you only for what you get. Each repair is done with a commitment to quality, and we never compromise with it. We give you clear and real estimates so that you know what you are paying for. You can contact us for any kinds of Volkswagen repairs and service including wheel alignment, timing belt and tensioner, oil change, and a lot more.

Bring your Volkswagen to us today, and we will take care of it like you do. Call (407) 927-4049 to schedule an appointment now.

Volkswagen Service & Repairs

Pre-purchase inspection with full vehicle scan $99.95. Don’t risk thousands of dollars buying a vehicle without a professional inspection!